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The Africa Organization For Humanitarian Affairs


The endeavor of the African Organization for Humanitarian Affairs in: The way for all Sudanese families, grassroots and local communities and low-income groups to enjoy all their rights and their share in a decent quality life, social justice, sustainable development, citizenship and democracy , through:
1/ Purposeful promotion with implementation of all Sustainable Development Programs and Goals until 2030 .
2/ Develop projects and programs for the stability of youth and graduates of both sexes through entrepreneurship and income-generating projects .
3/ Purposeful pursuit of improving decent livelihoods for vulnerable base communities and economic empowerment of the poorest low-income families through microfinance and provision of potential highquality services .
4/ Advocating for positive change by connecting communities with knowledge, skills and experience.
5 / Actively work to spread the message of social peace among societies to contribute to the process of stability and promote social cohesion and peaceful coexistence through building the capacities of community actors and providing basic services and the origins of a decent livelihood


Contribution of the African Organization for Humanitarian Affairs in: Empowering grassroots communities and local civil society organizations to communicate and interact together, enhance their knowledge capabilities and be able to bring about a radical change towards decent living, comprehensive and sustainable social development, peaceful coexistence and acceptance of the other


  1. To enhance capacity on conflict resolution and conflict mitigation to promote Peace and stability.

  2. To enhance income-generating activities to the needy communities.

  3. To raise the level of food security among rural and remote areas.

  4. To empower women and improve their livelihoods in communities affected by conflict.

  5. To improve environmental business and water availability.

  6. To support local efforts to upgrade formal and non-formal education.

  7. To sponsor and support orphans and widows

  8. Interest in developing renewable energy projects and research focusing on solar and wind energy

  9. Promoting awareness and deepening knowledge of civil rights and social development

  10. Implementing sustainable development goals programs

  11. Consolidating the values ​​of equality, peace, and justice through balanced development projects

  12. Attention to women and children issues and projects and spread awareness of gender issues

13.Provide assistance and assistance to those affected by disasters, displacement, and conflict

14. Attention to youth and gender issues, developing youth stabilization projects and programs and graduates through entrepreneurship and income-generating projects

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